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Intelligent tube car to lead the new category of logistics in the future

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Leading the logistics education to cultivate and promote high-end logistics personnel "
At present, it is the crucial period for the fast growth of Wufeng industry. Wuyeke, the first internet education platform in China, is creating and witnessing the new face, new development and new future of industry elites.
Since on-line, through the process and so G7, there is the concept of advanced predecessors, skills-based business mutual aid, creating a number of exclusive logistics elite high-end training courses. July 8 -10, by the guests stay together G seven, Tsinghua primary school created the first international high-end team manager training course - Tsinghua elementary high-level team manager course training period is being held in Shanghai.
"Intelligent pipe to lead the industry in the new future"
Through the process of hiding in the world, looking at the world, multi-dimensional multi-angle for intelligent pipe car this matter to methodology, pipe car equipment, at home and abroad reality case, all the way with the students look into the future of intelligent pipe car.
Data in the spinning wind industry traditional livelihood mode of operation, the fleet management will also welcome the rapid growth of data usher. Through training, more team managers will be thoroughly learned the valuable experience of experts at home and abroad, deeply acquainted with the industry's most advanced pipe car equipment, will help spur the rapid growth of the industry.
"Now this foot is not riding in the future of the river, it can not go in the future"
From the perspective of this training course arrangement, Asad Khattak of Tennessee Elementary School in the United States teaches trainees to tell the smart car equipment and dominance models in China and shares with them the case of some domestic intelligent pipe cars. Professor Zhao Lei from Tsinghua University gave a talk on logistics network organization, From the co-ordination of learning to control the fleet; G7 product experts Wang Jiangeng, Zhang Kegang and spring commercial car customer director Zheng Hongbo introduced to the trainees the most advanced intelligent pipe car things, dominate the use of combat and if promoted by the Internet team fleet Cooking efficiency. There is no lack of such as Sinotrans, rhyme, smooth and slippery small enterprises such as the growth of the industry to follow the trend of development, through such training methods, met the main thing of the smart car, car business to enhance mutual assistance.
With the arrival of "Internet Plus" and "Intelligence", leading the growth of the industry is always the growth mission of the enterprise like the G7. In the future, people will persist in succession and like G7 led the future growth of intelligent vehicles, reaching the domestic level of mutual aid companies, will improve the management experience and advanced predecessors car equipment recommended to the masters, through the manufacture of high-end training courses, Curious to train future car people.

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