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How to deal with the rubber industry pressure on the environment

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The reason why the rubber industry has become a major environmental reorganization problem is due to small and medium-sized rubber enterprises in the construction of environmental considerations.
In recent years, the government has continuously stepped up its efforts in protecting the environment and has taken the lead in the rubber industry.
They awakened in their dreams and realized the seriousness of the problem.
While willing to cooperate with the government, enterprises also hope to formulate the rubber industry's "three wastes" implementation standards.
In fact, the rubber enterprises for the prevention and control of environmental pollution, companies can organize themselves from three aspects.
First, the governance of "three wastes" technology is very mature, according to local conditions, the key is to find a reputation of mature manufacturers, do not be fooled, to ask experts for acceptance.
Industrial wastewater is the main source of water pollution.
Dry chemical products, latex products, industrial wastewater, can be roughly divided into cooling water, steam boiler water production, the production process of water "centrifugal whey water, ingredients latex cleaning waste water and dispersion grinding washing wastewater."
As long as the wastewater treatment principles, methods, such as the use of physical separation principle to clarify, can handle industrial wastewater.
Second, the rubber industry wastewater treatment, generally divided into three levels.
A treatment is the removal of floating debris in the water, adjust the PH value for the next two pretreatment.
Secondary treatment is mainly to remove large amounts of organic pollutants in wastewater, so that further purification of wastewater, often preclude the use of biological treatment.
Three treatment, it is the depth of wastewater, to further remove the secondary treatment failed to remove the pollutants, commonly used activated carbon adsorption and ion exchange treatment.
Third, in the process of rubber products processing, especially plasticizing, curing, blending, desulfurization of reclaimed rubber and other processes, resulting in serious pollution of exhaust gas.
In the banner of environmental protection continue to move toward industrialized enterprises, the rubber industry should be head to head, take the opportunity to make the corresponding changes.

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